6 Totally Cool Homemade Science Experiments
Want to see something cool? Pop a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave. Set the microwave to run for 2 minutes. Once the door is opened, and the contents inside revealed, your jaw will likely drop. Because what's inside will look nothing like a bar of soap!

Is it magic, you ponder? Not quite. An expansion of air molecules will cause the soap to become many times its size, fluffy and white as a cloud. Why? Charles' Law.

Charles' Law, the law of volumes, states that a gas will expand should heat be applied to it. Since the soap is full of air molecules, the heat from the microwave causes it to grow, grow, and grow some more! And don't fret. You can certainly still use the soap afterward. It'll just be a tad more delicate after its microwave adventure.

Looking for more awesome science experiments to try at home? Check out the following video produced by BuzzFeed. You can change the color of a flower's petals by adding food coloring to its water. You can turn a raw egg turned into a bouncy ball by soaking it in vinegar for several days.

Here's the video with instructions on how to carry out 6 simple science experiments from home.
6 Totally Cool Homemade Science Experiments
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