Bride and Groom Wow Wedding Guests With Swing Dance Routine
Wojtek and Karolina wanted to give their wedding guests something to remember. So, the Polish couple decided to learn to swing dance.

They crafted a dance routine in the cramped quarters of their apartment, with the instruction from Youtube videos. They weren't looking to become professionals, by any means. But the routine they put together was nothing short of visually dazzling.

The three-and-a-half-minute clip has received a whopping 13 millions views to date. And for good reason. Wojtek and Karolina share a charisma and connection that makes it clear why the couple has chosen to marry.

Karolina later told viewers, neither she nor Wojtek had any prior dancing experience, and they both were looking forward to trotting out their smooth new moves on the dance floor for their guests. It took no less than nine months of steadfast practice in the close quarters of their apartment, Karolina reports. It just goes to show that with a little practice and application, nothing is impossible!

The dance concludes with Karolina hopping into her new husband's embrace. Wojtek bows several times to their applauding audience, wife beaming happily in his arms.

To see Karolina and Wojtek in action, watch the video below.
Bride and Groom Wow Wedding Guests With Swing Dance Routine
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