Cat and Raccoon Become Unlikely Friends
Animals are generally extremely wary of other animals that are not of their species. In fact, they're wary of animals that are same species as them too.

Animals, just like humans, are distrustful of strangers and unfamiliar people. Cats and raccoons may not be the first pair that would normally spring to mind, but in the following video, you have a raccoon grabbing at a cat in a way that would have been intrusive had the cat not been such a cool, calm, collected kitty.

The raccoon, as if seeing a cat for the first time, keeps grabbing the feline, and the cat continues to indulge it sportingly. This goes to show that all animals have the potential to be friends with other unlikely animals - once they feel safe around them. Their bonds can be as strong as any relationship we humans make with other people. The natural curiosity of this raccoon and the patient tolerance of the cat should serve as inspiration for us too in our daily lives.

We are all fascinating to others in some way or another. We should take a cue from these animals and learn how to interact with one another with understanding, patience and good humor. Maybe if we did, we might learn a thing or two, and much of the animosity we see in the world today would not exist.
Cat and Raccoon Become Unlikely Friends
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