Clever Dad Convinces Daughter To Stop Wearing Short Shorts By Wearing Them Himself
Scott Mackintosh, a father and husband living in Utah, was faced with a very familiar problem. His 19-year-old daughter, Myley, was refusing to wear more modest clothing on their family’s weekly night out together.

The issue on one particular night was that Myley was trying to wear Daisy Duke’s out to a round of mini golf. After she refused to change, Scott did the unthinkable – he did the same exact thing.

Prior to leaving, he went to his room and cut the legs off an old pair of jeans to make them about the same length as his daughter’s short shorts.

Instead of just making them for show, Scott decided to wear the shorts out for the entire family night. Naturally, his story quickly became a sensation as people wanted to find out why an adult father was wearing short shorts.

This story shows us that there are better solutions than fighting and anger. Even psychologists agree that Scott’s reaction and response was possibly the best way to convince a teenager. Instead of making his daughter the target, he used his own body to show the importance of dressing modestly in public.

Father’s around the world can learn a lesson from Scott. He was able to keep his relationship with his daughter strong while teaching her the lesson that ‘modest is hottest.’

Scott gave us the important reminder that just because you’re able to wear skimpy clothing doesn’t mean that you should! Watch his hilariously clever solution to a common issue below!
Clever Dad Convinces Daughter To Stop Wearing Short Shorts By Wearing Them Himself
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