11 DIY Cleaning Hacks You Need In Your Life
We've all been there. We're at home, on a Sunday afternoon, facing a towering mountain of laundry, a sink filled with stinky, dirty dishes, and floors that have been neither swept nor mopped for what may or may not have been several months. No judging, folks. We're all friends here. The truth is, cleaning our homes can become a challenging task - most especially when we haven't done it in a while. And hey, the
expense of all those cleaning products really starts to add up, doesn't it?

If you'd like a way to make your life infinitely easier, then these DIY cleaning hacks are for you. Not only are most of these items ones you can find in and around your home, they'll also help you tackle your cleaning tasks with efficiency and ease!

via 11 DIY Cleaning Hacks You Need In Your Life
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The 5 Minute Microwave
Microwaves are a particularly nasty grievance for many of us. All we want to do is heat up our coffee, or nuke a bowl of soup. And yet - we're punished by the evil microwave. We're punished with splatters of coffee, scattered droplets of tomato soup, and caked on pieces of whatever exploded inside of there last week (goodness gracious, is that meatloaf?!).

If you want a super handy way to deal with your microwave, try this ingenious hack:

Fill a glass bowl with water. Slice up a lemon into equal disks. Pop the lemon slices into the water, and slide the bowl into the microwave. Now, nuke the sucker for 5 minutes straight. When you're done, your microwave will be steamed with the scent of lemon and any stubborn stains that wouldn't wipe free will now come away with ease.

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