11 of the Most Annoying People You Can't Avoid At Work
Ah, work. Simultaneously the bane of our existence and the component of our lives that allows us to, you know - survive? And while surviving is certainly important (as is being able to pay rent and put food on the table), work is about a lot more than surviving the external pressures and stresses of the world. Oh, yes. Work is also about surviving your inescapably annoying coworkers. Come on, we know you know what
we're talking about. We bet the moment we mentioned 'annoying coworkers,' someone's face from work just popped into your head.

Everyone's got at least one or two people at their workplace that they just can't stand. We've put together a list of the most common offenders. See how many off this list you've encountered before!
via 11 of the Most Annoying People You Can't Avoid At Work
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The Music Blaster
This person loves their music. And regardless of their personal music tastes (rock n' roll, oldies, techno jazz, pop hits), the way they play their music is almost always abhorrent.

The reason? Well, the Music Blaster really didn't get the memo passed out last Thursday about "playing music at a reasonable, considerate volume."

This individual likes to listen to music often, and more importantly: LOUD.

There's never any doubt as to when this person has stepped into the office for the day. The music streaming from their cubicle is a dead giveaway.
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