Protective Dog Keeps Sleeping Baby Warm
Dogs are the most intuitive and empathetic of creatures. One could not say this emphatically enough. In this video, you will see a dog that has barely reached adulthood itself thinking selflessly of a human baby.

Upon seeing the baby that was left to sleep on a bed (and apparently feeling cold), the dog knew what it had to do. Luckily there was a blanket conveniently on the bed where the baby was placed on. The dog tirelessly persists in its mission to get the sleeping baby tucked up cozily under the blankets and it didn't stop, long after most of us felt it had done enough, until it was satisfied that the baby was fully and satisfactorily covered. The baby all the while is oblivious of what was happening as the dog labored and toiled in its service.

We humans can really learn a lot from animals, especially dogs because they are always loving and always loyal. They rarely think of themselves and put others first no matter what. They will not hesitate to put themselves in the face of danger just to protect a loved one. That is the way dogs have evolved, and that is the way we should aspire to be.

Even if you don’t like animals, or don’t like dogs in particular (and hey, we get it, not everyone is a dog person), it’s not difficult to appreciate their great and admirable qualities. This video will inspire you and move you.
Protective Dog Keeps Sleeping Baby Warm
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