Teenaged Daughter Lifts Car To Save Her Father From Danger
We’re all used to hearing incredible accounts of heroic feats carried out by people whose job, it seems, is to be heroes. We’re talking about the usual suspects of firefighters, policemen, and doctors who battle every day in their charge to save human lives. And perhaps we are so used to the selfless acts carried out by these everydsy heroes that we never imagine such brave acts to be carried out by someone else. Someone, say, like you or me.

One day, Charlotte Heffelmire found her father trapped beneath his truck. He had jacked it up and had been working on it when it slipped and fell on him. Gasoline started to leak from the vehicle and a fire had erupted. In a stroke of luck that Charlotte’s father, Eric Heffelmire, will probably never forget for the rest of his life, his daughter walked in at just the right moment.

But what Charlotte did was beyond belief. She followed her first instinct and lifted the huge GMC pickup truck off her father who scrambled to safety. In the video, you will see the terrible damage the fire did to the garage and things could certainly have gotten worse if Charlotte hadn’t walked in at that opportune moment. Charlotte was awarded an achievement award and she absolutely deserves it.

This story is nothing short of miraculous. Watch the video below!
Teenaged Daughter Lifts Car To Save Her Father From Danger
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