Trooper Stops On The Highway To Have A Picnic With Homeless Woman
The relationship that exists between law enforcers and the homeless is a tenuous one, at best. And it's no surprise that many of those on the streets are wary of police officers and troopers that come their way.

But a homeless woman panhandling on the side of the road in Massachusetts had nothing to fear from State Police Trooper Luke Bonin.

Luke drove past the homeless woman in the afternoon and saw her panhandling across the road from a small plaza in the grass. But instead of pulling over to deliver a citation, as many would expect, he instead drove to a nearby restaurant and ordered food.

Shortly thereafter, he returned to the place where the woman was and got out of his vehicle. Upon his approach, the homeless woman immediately began packing up her things to move on, but he stopped her, explaining he simply wanted to share a meal with her.

Luke Bonin showed the woman the food he'd purchased from the restaurant and asked her which meal she would like to eat. Together, they sat across from one another on the side of the road and shared a communal meal in companionship.

This wonderful story is one that deserves to be shared, commended and spread.

Someone managed to get a picture of the beautiful moment on their cell phone. The photo was then posted to Facebook and picked by the Massachusetts State Police for their webpage, receiving tens of thousands of likes.

Watch the news video of this heartwarming moment below!
Trooper Stops On The Highway To Have A Picnic With Homeless Woman
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