Powerful Video Depicts A Daughter's Desperate Plea
Women are far too likely to be the victims of physical and sexual assault. This is mainly because of how women are viewed in many patriarchal cultures. There is an archaic idea that men are entitled to what they want, and that their desires are more important than the safety of women. 

The viral video #DearDaddy addresses this issue. In the five-minute video, a woman depicts her life, starting from before she is born. She thanks her father for protecting her in every way he can, down to making sure his pregnant wife does not eat sushi. However, the daughter ends up in an abusive relationship because of what her father did not do.

The video calls for an end to the malicious name-calling of women. Name-calling subconsciously allows some men to believe that they are allowed to assault women. The daughter also asks her father to discourage sexist jokes. She states, "I’m sure you didn’t mean anything by it. Still, some of the people won’t get the joke. Funnily enough, it’s not some of the girls – it’s some of the boys."

This video is as important today as it has ever been. The mistreatment of women worldwide needs to come to an end. Both men and women should watch #DearDaddy to learn how to prevent a culture that subconsciously promotes domestic violence and sexual assault.
Powerful Video Depicts A Daughter's Desperate Plea
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